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New logo

Cover Image for New logo

Yes, that's right we have a logo now. Finally, this enterprise got serious. Well to be honest it's just me trying to see if I can make it as a solo entrepreneur. I have a background in UX design and some experience in the field, but I still struggle to find a solution whenever a new problem presents itself. I'm guessing that I am not alone in feeling this way though and I use that as a motivation.

Helmen Design logo

The idea and process

I wanted to make a logo that would reflect the tone and message my company, and I stand for. Namely professionalism, creativity and style. The font used is Libre Caslon Display. I like the elegant lines, the serifs and the thin pressure at the beginning and end of each letter. The calligraphy is meant to emphasize style and a more serious tone. The lines above and below symbolize working creatively, but at the same time being able to abide by any constraints given. Like existing designs or a deadline.

By using capital letters from the name of the company my hope is that the logo can be used in everything from a favicon to a Twitter banner, and people will still be able to discern and recognize the company. Inspiration was gathered from multiple successful companies that use letters in their logo. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Volkswagen to name some.

The current logo will serve for now, but being a designer online today a new version is probably in the works soon.

Until next time!

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